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CN brochure for Marland CECON®+ Clutch released

April 15, 2020 CECON Clutches
Marland Clutch Flyer in CN

Brochure in Chinese for Marland CECON® + Clutch is now available.

The Marland principle of rollers on inclined cam planes has proven its dependability since 1931 in worldwide installations ranging from food processing, steel mills and heavy mining industries.Featuring next generation technologies combined with improved performance capabilities, the family of Marland CECON (Completely Enclosed for Continous operation) foot mount clutches has evolved into new CECON®+ models, including

  • Popular CEUS (Standard configuration)
  • More versatile CEUSD (Standard Disconnect)
  • Recently developed CEUF (Standard Force Lube)
  • New CEUFD (Force Lube Disconnect)

The new models support the on-board Smart Marland Monitoring System. Ports for temperature, vibration, and oil level sensors are designed into individual components to allow remote monitoring of the clutches from anywhere*.

The new design incorporates double keyways on the input and output shafts for greater torque capacity and higher operating speeds (exclude high speed CECONs)

You can find more details in the brochure (P-8833) by clicking the link below.

P-8833-MC Brochure

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