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Bibby SE55 Torque Limiter Module delivers the largest capacity on the market

October 5, 2020
Bibby SE55 Torque Limiter Module

The SE55 offers a maximum tangential force rating of 480 kN with full disengagement on overload.

Bibby Turboflex has launched its all-new SE55 Torque Limiter Module, offering the largest force capacity, from a single module, on the market. Ideal for heavy duty applications in metals processing and mining, the SE55 features a spring-loaded ball detent design that allows for exceptional performance and usability in the field.

The SE55 offers a maximum tangential force rating of 480 kN (almost three times the rating of Bibby’s own SE30 module), with full disengagement on overload. It is designed to protect the drive train from power spikes, jams and short circuits in high-torque applications such as high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGRs), ball and SAG (Semi-Autogenous Grinding) mills. The SE55’s greatly enhanced overload capacity provides a host of packaging and operational benefits to customers in the metal and mining sectors.

The exceptional force capacity of the SE55 means that fewer modules are needed to achieve high break-out torques for a given size torque limiter assembly. Alternatively, this increased module rating offers the ability to reduce the diametral space claim, while providing the same overall torque capacity, with subsequent space saving for the overall drive train. Furthermore, the installation and maintenance requirements are reduced compared to multiple torque-limiting modules of a lower rating.

The ball detent design, common across Bibby’s modular torque limiter range, provides increased versatility for equipment operators. While factory set and tested, this method of disengagement permits individual modules to be manually disconnected in-situ allowing the overall system torque-limit to be tailored to different load conditions. Additionally, the drive may be totally disconnected to isolate sections for service and maintenance work without removing the torque limiter or disturbing the coupling arrangement.

Tamper-evident torque setting at the factory further enhances the benefits of the Bibby modular element design. In addition to the manual disconnect, individual modules may be removed entirely for local servicing or return-to-base repair when the need arises. Worn parts of the module are easily replaced without having to disassemble the drive and the maintenance burden is greatly reduced.

The SE55, like all Bibby modules, may be installed axially or radially depending on the space constraints of the application. The device can react to overload situations by offering consistent reaction times, to zero transmitted torque, in the order of 5 ms. It couples this with a highly repeatable breakout torque characteristics of ± 5%. This ensures reliable overload protection for associated equipment. As with the other modules in the range, the SE55 is manually reset in moments using standard hand tools. After aligning the halves of the torque limiter assembly, tapping with a soft mallet returns the plunger to its “set” position with the balls re-engaged in the detent pockets.

Bibby, a leading brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., is an expert in torque limiting technologies, with an industry track record stretching back to 1917. Offering an extensive range of torque limiters, Bibby provides customers with the additional capability to design and deliver customised units to suit specific powertrain requirements. A global reach ensures timely and targeted deliveries and support to operators, fundamental to minimising equipment downtime.

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