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Bauer PMSM assist the motor energy efficiency improvement plan 2021-2023

November 4, 2021
PMSM Assist Motor Improvement

On November 22, 2021, Ministry of industry and information technology and State Administration of Market Regulation issued 《the motor energy efficiency improvement plan (2021-2023) 》, which arouse the public heat attention of motor energy efficiency.

The plan proposes to carry out energy-saving transformation of running motors. Encourage key industries such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, chemical, building materials and textiles to carry out energy-saving diagnosis of energy consuming equipment, and evaluate the promotion energy-saving technologies with the energy efficiency level. Guide enterprises to update and upgrade key energy consuming equipment such as motors, give priority to high-efficiency and energy-saving motors, and speed up the elimination of backward and inefficient motors which do not meet the energy efficiency standards. Promote variable frequency speed regulation permanent magnet motors with level 2 energy efficiency and above.

Bauer gear motor has been deeply developing high-efficiency and energy-saving motor for years, and its Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor can save energy up to 30%. PMSM adopts permanent magnet rotor, which no voltage induction in the rotor, no heat losses in the rotor, rotor losses reduced by 100%.

Test conclusion in a Sewage treatment plant

One Bauer PMSM and another normal motor did an energy test in a sewage treatment plant

Continuous run during 114 hours with 2 Motors, from Aug. 12th (12:00 am) to Aug. 17th (5:00 am) 2016.

Current: PMSM 5A; Normal motor 8,9A

Power factor: PMSM:0.9; Normal motor 0.72

Electric energy: PMSM:732.95 - 412.81 = 320.14

Average 2.808 / hour

Normal motor: 2528.33 - 2060.95 = 467.38

Average 4.100 / hour

Conclusion: Comparing PMSM motor and normal motor, PMSM can save:
(4.100 - 2.808)/ 4.100 * 100% = 31.51%

Energy efficiency Comparison

Energy Comparison 25Hz
 Energy Comparison 6Hz

Efficiency diagram 2D Area diagram of IE3 motor

Efficiency Diagram 2d Area

What are the advantages of Bauer PMSM Technology

Bauer Gear PMSM IE2
  • High efficiency IE3 / IE4 / IE5,
  • Extreme high efficiency at varying loads and speeds,
  • Synchronous speed,
  • High torque (starting T ~ 4 to 5 times of T nominal)
  • High speed range (0 – 120Hz)
  • Lower starting current and running current compared to ASM motors
  • Smaller motor size,
  • ATEX Zones with IE3 / IE4,Zone 1, 2, etc.
  • Short amortization time

IE4 Ex Energy Efficiency Logos

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