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Lifting a motor brake performance to a new level

March 18, 2022 Forklift Truck Forklift Truck Brakes
Altra PT China Lifting Brakes

PK 60 Brakes at IP 67 rated - 165 Nm

A leading global designer and manufacturer of industrial drive systems needed an IP67 rated brake solution for a multi-purpose IP67 integrated drive used on aerial platforms and other applications. The brakes are mounted to the back of the AC drive motor on each of the lift’s four wheels drive assemblies. The brakes provide parking and emergency stopping functionality in challenging outdoor conditions.

The manufacturer chose to partner with Warner Electric based on superior technical performance provided on previous projects, to meet the application requirements, Warner Electric supplied special enclosed PK60 (Very Thin) spring-applied, electrically released motor brakes with a static torque rating of 165 Nm (122.1 lb. ft.). The fully enclosed, IP67 rated brakes feature a specially developed surface treatment that withstood the ISO 9227:2017 salt spray test for a full 500 hours with no visible corrosion.

PK 60 Brakes for Lifts

Captive, single-piece pre-assembled PK models provide high torque parking and emergency braking in a compact space. PK brakes offer many advantages, including easy assembly, lower power consumption, longer battery life, and overall lower maintenance costs. The low-profile design is particularly suitable for compact drive configurations such as boom lifts.

Compact Brake Design

The supplied brakes utilize a proper high-speed, high-energy friction material. The advanced friction material is specifically designed for harsh outdoor and cold room environments with wide temperature differentials.

PK 35 Brakes applied at high-speed motor - 85 Nm

A leading European electric motor manufacturer, needed a custom brake solution for use on a new line of aerial boom lifts. The motor/brake assembly, developed for one of its transmission OEMs, was designed to combine with a gearbox and sold as a complete drive package to a major aerial platform lift manufacturer. Multiple compact wheel drive assemblies are installed on the two- or four-wheel drive boom lift vehicles. The brake provides parking and emergency functionality.

The challenge was that the motors rotate at up to 8,000 RPM, much faster than competitor units. A robust brake friction material was needed to handle the high-speed motors.

After discussing the application requirements with several brake manufacturers, the manufacturer partnered with Warner Electric. Warner Electric engineers took on the challenge and designed a standard compact, PK 35 (Very Thin) Series electrically - released brake that incorporated a custom high-coefficient friction material. The PK 35 units supplied featured a static torque rating of 75 Nm.
(Now, we can also offer 85 Nm)

Single-piece PK brakes are pre-assembled on/off, dry failsafe electromagnetic brakes used for parking and emergency only. The brake’s custom friction material and powerful coil combine to optimize torque in a low-profile package particularly suitable for multiple drive configurations such as boom lifts.

PK 35 Brake for Lifts

PK 35 has the captive solution with IP 67 as well.

Altra PT China PK 35

Economical and extreme thin brakes 1907 Series – 7- 30 Nm

Economical brakes 1907 series are designed and produced by AIMS. The 1907 series is a spring applied brake (holding status), widely used in scissor lifts, boom lifts and other aerial work vehicles.

Features of 1907 series:

  • Extreme thin with high torque (Thickness can be 26.5mm)
  • Torque range: 7 ~ 30 Nm.
  • Spline rotor can be installed directly on spline motor shaft without bushing
  • Easy to install and reliable structure.
Warner 1907 Release Screw

1907 with Manual release screw

Warner 1907 Manual Release Handle

1907 with Manual release handle

WR 213 Series - 6 Nm

Features of WR 213 series:

  • The thickness of WR213 is thinner than competition - can be 28mm at the torque 6 Nm
  • Manual release hole
  • Competitive price
  • UL certificate
Lift Brake

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