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New product Launch: AO LI XI - 5G“7 mm” Extreme Thin Brake

June 22, 2022
COBOT Webinar

China's industrial economy has shown strong resilience and vitality to deal with complex and severe situations, and the robot industry has risen. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform have accelerated the evolution. The robot industry has ushered in upgrading and leapfrogging window period of development.

It is estimated that by 2025, the sales volume of collaborative robots in China is expected to exceed 60,000 pieces, the market scale will reach 4.5 billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate will exceed 30%.

On one hand, collaborative robot can reduce cost and increase efficiency. On the other hand, it can realize safe cooperation with people, and reduce the threshold of users in terms of operation.


“COBOTS” have strict requirements for space and weight, because of its application environment. Small size and light weight are one of the development direction of the industry. To this end, Altra Industrial Motion (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. actively responded to the market challenges and developed AO LI XI - 5G extremely thin brake, which at a minimum thickness of 7mm.

AO LI XI - 5G extremely thin brake, breaks through the shortcomings of the traditional plug-in brake and stacked brake, provides the best performance in a limited space to realize a safe and efficient application experience.


Application Example

This dual voltage brake is extremely light and thin. With the patent nested structure design of brake, most of the friction plates are enclosed in the brake, so that the dust is not easy to go out.


A webinar focusing on AO LI XI - 5G extremely thin brake will be held from 14:00 to 14:40 on March 31. On the meeting, we will introduce you more product features and application environment. Participating on-line Q & A, you will get a small gift in addition!

You are invited to join us on-line!

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