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Bauer Gear Motor High quality solutions for the most demanding applications – Water and Waste Water Market

June 20, 2022
Waste Water and Water Treatment

With the improvement of the economy, China's overall sewage discharge continues to grow, reaching about 60 billion cubic meters in 2021. Sewage treatment is of great significance to protect the ecological environment, ensure people's health and quality of life, improve waste utilization and the environment.

Bauer Gear Motor offers high-quality solutions for the most demanding applications in water and waste-water market.

Bauer Gear Motor excellent application in China – Success story

Sewage Treatment

One of the special challenges facing China as it prepared for the Olympics was the statutory requirement that it must clean 100% of the wastewater produced. This was done with the aid of two largescale sewage treatment plants in the Beijing area, and the equipment at these plants includes 22 Huber machines for mechanical precleaning and fine screening of the wastewater and the world’s largest membrane “bio-reactor”. The water leaving these plants is of bathing quality and is fed into the Olympic rowing and canoeing lake.

The fine screeners are multi-functional machines which mechanically retain undesirable substances, remove and transport off the screenings, wash, dewater and compact them. And once again, it is “BF” series drives from Bauer which keep things moving. The shaft-mounted geared motors described previously - in this case, BF70Z-44/D09LA4-S/ + brakes are flange-mounted in the fine screen. They are available in 10 gear sizes for torques from 200 to 16,800 Nm. The protection classes range from IP65 to IEC 529, which means that the “BF Series” motors are protected against water spray and thus suitable for use outdoors or in humid environments. Let's take a look at the application video in “HOUTRUST” wastewater treatment plant, the Hague, Netherlands.

Bauer Gear Motor can be widely used in rakes, sedimentation tank, Sand treatment, sludge dewatering / thickening, biogas digester, pumps / screw water pumps, and other applications of sewage treatment plant.

Wastewater gearmotors

Benefits of permanent magnet technology of Bauer Gear Motor

Bauer Permanent Magnet Technology
  • No voltage induction in the rotor
  • No heat losses in the rotor
  • Rotor losses reduced by 100%
  • Total losses reduced by approximately 25%
  • Total efficiency increased by more than 10% No voltage induction in the rotor
  • Partial load efficiency increased by more than 30%
  • Synchronous speed 
  • High starting torque

IP68 gear motor for submersible operation

IP68 geared motors are most suitable where it is required to convey or transport foul, waste, river or rainwater, and all types of sludge-containing waters in communal or industrial areas. They are frequently used in agitators for mixing, homogenizing, etc. or in extremely wet areas or completely submersed under water.

IP68 Gear Motor Submersible Operation
  • Special design for continuous submersible operation
  • Gear housing and motor are completely waterproof
  • Maximum leakage protection
  • Special seals available for the output shaft
  • Electronic leakage detection is available for early recognition of errors
  • Energy-saving asynchronous and permanent magnet motors up to IE4
  • IP68 motors with brake available
  • Gear motor can be operated at constant power in air or in a medium
  • Fully cast cable to ensure maximum level of sealing
  • Usable down to water depths of 5 m (greater depths also possible)
  • Special coating allows extreme underwater conditions (coating resistant against many aggressive chemicals)
  • Optionally also available with plug version of the cable
  • Power classes: 0.37 – 11 kW (in Ex version on request)
  • Use in potentially explosive atmospheres possible (e.g. ATEX Zone 1)

As the first manufacturer of gear motor in the world, Bauer Gear Motor has been constantly improving and innovating. Bauer Gear Motor ‘s high-quality customized solution challenges the application limit in water and wastewater market, which protects the ecological environment and realizes green development.

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