Heavy Duty Clutches & Brakes


GRBS Rail Brakes, fitted with hardened steel guides, can accomodate rail with large vertical fluctuations.
GRBS rail brakes are designed to apply friction forces on both sides of a rail. They are spring set and hydraulically or electrically released.
They ride above the rail with two flangeless rollers which continuously make contact with the rail. Hardened guides, attached to the cylindrical roller frame, protect serrated shoes from hitting the rail. As the clamp mechanism can float laterally with very little friction, guides wear is very low. This increases rail brakes safety and reliability and reduces the maintenance costs.

    • Rail Clamp mechanism weight is distributed to two hardened, low friction flangeless
    • Cylindrical Rollers
    • Top mounted hydraulic cylinder with no rod connection, easily removable for quick maintenance and replacement
    • Serrated shoes protected from hitting the rail sides; limited wear and tear to guide means, brake shoes as well as rail head itself
    • No need for lubrification points for the floating mechanism
    • Simple design eliminates expensive replacement of profiled guide wheels with worn-out flanges
    • Floating mechanism allowing compensation of horizontal ±25mm and vertical ±25mm rail deviation (more available upon request) 
    • Clamp release and reserve stroke monitoring by proximity switches
    • Increased rail clamp safety and reliability while reducing maintenance costs
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