Heavy Duty Clutches & Brakes


Stromag FNS-T Thruster Brake

These Safety Drum Brake are Spring-Applied and released with Electrohydraulic Thrustor. Can be equipped with an automatic wear compensation to ensure constant torque whatever the wear of the lining pads but can also integrate many other options.

To have design more compact, the thrustor is integrated above the pulley.

Drum Brake FNS-T integrate design according with DIN standard 15435.

    • Electrohydraulic Safety Drum Brake
    • According with Standard DIN 15435
    • Spring application
    • Thrustor release located above the pulley
    • Protection level: C3M
    • Voltage: 230 / 400V 50 Hz


    • AT High temperature
    • BT Low temperature
    • ATEX Certificat ATEX / Thrustor
    • BI Stainless steel bolts
    • CSA Opening proving switch
    • DD Lining wear indicators
    • DM Hand release lever
    • LM Locking lever to hold the brake open 
    • PE Special paint : color /  > C3M
    • PL Padlock for the locking lever
    • PR Reduced torque
    • RA Automatic lining wear compensation
    • VD Descent valve
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