Heavy Duty Clutches & Brakes


Hydraulically operated, Spring-Spplied Multi-Disc Clutch for wet operation, especially designed for the marine market.

Difference to KMS "standard" is, that this design has been developed for higher thermal loads.

    • For high thermical loads
    • Excellent torque to weight ratio
    • Low mass moment of inertia
    • Design can be adjusted due to costumer requirements, so special customized designs are possible
    • Switching heat dissipated by internal oil cooling
    • Long service life of the discs
    • Low maintenance, any disc wear automatically compensated by piston travel
    • Remote control capability
    • Continuous increase of oil pressure, and so shockless switching
    • Mechanical emergency operation device on failure of hydraulic oil supply
    • Drag torque can be reduce due to using wave springs
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