Heavy Duty Clutches & Brakes

LC® Standard

Stromag Limit Switch LC 899 FV

Series Light Cam® Series Geared Cam Limit Switches are universal, mechanical switchgear that can map a wide range of input shaft rotations over the full angular displacement of the cam discs.
These cam plates actuate the switching contacts.

The classical applications of these Geared Cam Limit Switches are e.g. crane hoist, travelling, and slewing drives; wind turbine generator systems; etc.

    • Synthetic housing and metal housing
    • Large cam disc diameter 4 or 8 contacts
    • Installation of incremental - and absolute encoders possible, inside or outside depending on the size of the encoder, potentiometer mounting possible
    • Cam adjustment with a gear ratio of 74
    • Positive opening according to IEC 60974-5-1 Annex K

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