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Sideos One

SIDEOS One is a configurable and secure module for speed monitoring, fitted with an efficient auto control system which secures the overall operation of the overspeed detection system.
It allows to obtain, when installation is correct, a speed monitoring system secure up to category 4 with the performance level of PL = d to e according to the standard ISO/IEC 13849-1.


SIDEOS One module monitors:

  • the speed
  • the stop
  • the rotation direction
  • the kinematic linkage
  • the signals of the incremental encoder
  • the external speed signal 0-20mA
  • the control contacts indicating the rotation direction to monitor
  • the system fault and overspeed outputs
  • the internal signals (Autotest – Dynamic Test – Cross monitoring)
    • Overspeed detection device
    • Conform to the machine security standards :
      NF EN  ISO 13489-1        
      Performance level PL=d to PL=e
      Category : 2 to 4 MTTFd = high  DC = high
    • EC marking of conformity :
      2006/42/EC directive Machine
      2006/95/EC Low voltage directive (standard NF EN 60204-1)
      2004/108/EC EMC directive (standards NF EN 61000-6-2, NF EN 61000-6-4)
    • Operating conditions :
      Ambient temperature : -20°C to +60°C
      IP65 protected electrical casing
    • Electrical data :
      1 available version AC: 115/230 V AC ± 10% 50/60Hz
      Other voltages : consult us
    • Options :
      Steel casing IP66 IK10
      Anti-condensation kit


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