Altra Industrial Motion ShenZhen (AIMS - China) offer multiple services and competitive advantages to our International and Domestic customers.

  • Renovation / Rebuild / Repair center for multiples brands and products
    • Couplings
    • Heavy Duty Clutches, Brakes, Overrunning clutches and backstops
    • Gear Motors
    • Linear Actuators
    • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Various brands for Top International Markets and Good enough products for domestic market
  • International and domestic certifications (ISO, IATF, CCC, Guo Biao - GB, CE, UL-CSA, CE, TUV…),
  • Importing products from Western sister companies in Currencies (USD, EUR…), via our Hong Kong Office
  • R & D center and Test & Labs integrated in the factory
  • Design Engineering and Applications department integrated in the factory
  • International Quality standards, with PPM similar to automotive industry level
  • Logistics and customs department highly performant (Customs ranking grade A),
  • 6 after sales service engineers and technicians available 24/7 for our full product range (depart within ½ day)
  • Returnable packaging for high volumes
  • High level of training for our very stable and healthy work force
  • Lean Manufacturing and office mind set bringing continuous improvement in the whole company with our ABS system (Altra Business System)
  • Respect of International and Chinese laws and regulations (Taxes, HR and Social affairs, Customs, Corruption, Environment, Fire…)
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