AAltra China (AIMS) propose global solution offers made of cost, Short delivery lead time, Quality and Innovation available for any kind of customers: OEMs, Small and medium ender users, Sub-contractors, Distributors…

Our Top International brands and specific products designed for domestic Chinese market 奥力西 are both supported by the following competitive advantages:

  • Large range of products from 1 gram to 4 tons, with more than 18 different integrated manufacturing processes, allowing a “Make or Buy” decision (Heavy machining, Precision machining, Stamping, vertical – horizontal - centerless Grindings, Drilling, Deburring, Electro-erosion cutting (EDM), Degreasing, Painting, Coil Winding (over-molded, sticky, plastic bobbins…), Injection Molding, Testing, Tooling, automation, systems sub-assembly with PCBA, finished goods assembly…
  • A solid and fast reactivity for samples, PPAP, ramp up and low mass production made in-house.
  • Capacity of 3 million brakes, 30,000 gear motors, 30,000 couplings, 300,000 electric actuators, several millions of coils and metal components made in-house or sub-contracted to audited and reliable suppliers.
  • Samples and PPAP available within days for domestic market and within some weeks for tested products on International markets
  • 6 after sales service engineers and technicians available 24/7 for our full product range (departing within ½ day)
  • Stable, trained, committed and educated workforce, including more than 100 managers, engineers & technicians
  • R&D centers, with Test & labs, Tooling, Automation, Application and Design-conception in-House, specially focused on Chinese customers
  • Sourcing and Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) integrated in the “new development process” for products
  • Lean manufacturing methods from the automotive industry, including GemBa Walks, 8 wastes culture, Box ideas, Before / After process KanBan and Just-In-Time deliveries (JIT) applied to both suppliers and customers.
  • Strong Quality organization and results with:
    • A large panel of international and domestic certifications
    • Teams acting with structured action plans (PDCA), for both foreign and Chinese customers and suppliers
    • Quality Circles in each team and department
    • Problem solving process
    • PPM at international automotive level
  • Logistics and customs department managing professionally :
    • Fast deliveries with any kind of transport Inbound / outbound (Road, Sea, Air, Express…)
    • China customs certificate Rank A,
    • Logistics solutions including: One piece flow, Just in Time, returnable packaging, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Shipment traceability…
  • Environmental policies including returnable packaging, plastic reduction footprint, water treatment station and low energy consumption, ISO 14001…
  • Anti-bribery policies and ethic code strictly applied, ISO 45001, ESG and DEI ranking
  • Strong and sustainable financial health supported by a USD 2.0 Billion (RMB 14.0 Billion) sales group.
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