Precision Components Machining

ERS Office

The Precision Components machining activity is the original and core business of the company created in the mid-80s in Hong Kong.

The production facility opened in 1992 in ShenZhen (BaoAn District, ShaJing Town, BoGang Village), and grew up until the arrival of the ERS brake production in 2003.

From 2005, we strategically reorganized the manufacturing site to become a specialist of small and medium volume precision machined parts dedicated to Western customers based in China and Sister companies.

Our shopfloor delivers hundreds of different part numbers from 50 pieces to thousands per batches.

We provide the security and reliability of a famous international name with all quality certifications, labor, environmental and tax compliances, while offering a highly competitive offer to hundreds of International customers.

Please contact us for a quotation and come to visit our facilities to discover true International manufacturing standards.

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