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Bauer Gear Motors established in 1927 in Germany is the creator of the Gear Motor concept. Over more than 80 years Bauer developed high efficiency, low consumption and specific products for customized or standard applications.

Our shopfloor based in ShenZhen deliver more than 18,000 units per year with very short lead time thanks to localization of components under German certifications. Listening to the Voice of Customer in China, we customize our sub assembly in-house (Rotors, stators, brakes…) and guarantee deliveries within some days with customer forecast or some weeks if spot orders.

We manufacture in-house the ATEX (Anti Explosion), IE4 (high efficiency), IP68 (submersible) and Kleen drive (aseptic) gear motors in stainless steel and Compliant coating options.

All gear motors are 100% individually tested with electronic records.

Fast deliveries can be traced via We Chat.

We provide the security and reliability of a famous international name with all quality certifications, labor, environmental and tax compliances, while offering a highly competitive offer to hundreds of Chinese customers.

Please contact us for a quotation and come to visit our facilities to discover real International manufacturing standards.

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