Motion Control


4G Series Thin Brake

AO LI XI 4G series thin brake is designed with "thin" and "light" as its highlight. This dual-voltage brake is very suitable for motor and robot applications where space is very limited and weight requirement is lighter.


  • Cobot
  • Delivery Robot
  • Joint Motor
  • Frameless Motor
    • 4G series brakes are available as thin as 12mm.
    • 4G series brakes are as light as 30 grams.
    • Dual voltage control: 24V-7V.
    • Temperature range: 0 - 100°C.
    • A small amount of dynamic emergency stop can be achieved.
    • Work S1 - 100%.
    • Low calorific value.
    • The middle hole is large (larger motor shaft diameter can be accepted).
    • There are 7 models, the bushing can pass through the middle hole of the brake, which is easier to install
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