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Centric Overload Clutch


Integrate Centric® overload clutches into your machine and reduce the damage and lost productivity that can occur due to equipment jams or loading problems. Centric clutches provide a more accurate method of torque control over thousands of trips with no operator intervention.


    • 8 different product families ensure a clutch to fit your needs.
      • Trig-O-Matic Lite (LOR)
      • Trig-O-Matic (ORC)
      • H1600 (HOR)
      • H1900 (WOR)
      • H2000 (POR)
      • VariTorque (VOR)
      • Pneumatic Disconnect (PDC)
      • Centrifugal (CCC)
    • Bore ranges from 1/2" to 4-11/16" ensure a product to fit your particular specifications.
    • Torque ranges from 35 Lb. In. to 88,500 Lb. In. provide additional application flexibility.
    • A wide variety of complementary gear drives, open gearing, sprockets, and other power transmission components facilitate installation and maintenance.
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