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Warner Electric magnetic headsets feature constant Smooth Torque Technology; differing with most competitor OEM headsets that have two opposing magnets causing pulsating torque. It’s the pounding effect of a pulsating clutch that increases cap tightness during the capping process.

Warner Electric’s Smooth Torque Technology enables Warner headsets to provide constant torque. This eliminates over tightened caps, causing a major reduction in variation of removal torque!

Smooth Torque Technology provides less shock on the system compared to pulsating torque headsets, enabling longer life of machine components, especially retention knives.

    • Spring Cover
      Keeps lubrication within the unit, extends the life of the top load components.
    • Grease Access Point
      Easy to maintain. Lubricate the upper assembly every 500 hours.
    • Stainless Steel Construction, Quad Seal, and Drain Holes
      The quad seal helps to protect the bearing from contaminants. The drain holes allow for an exit if any fluids get inside of the unit. These features combined with stainless steel construction enable the units to better withstand harsh environments, including caustic washdowns!
    • Visual Setting Scale for Application Torque
      Easy to set up and maintain. This setting scale provides easy, accurate setting of application torque.
    • Visual Setting Scale for Setting Top Load Force
      Easy to set up. This setting scale provides easy accurate setting of top load force.
    • Oversized Thrust Bearing
      Specifically designed for the bottling industry with an oversized thrust bearing to handle the repeated downward thrust of capping, increasing bearing life compared to a standard radial ball bearing used by competitive models. This bearing is not incorporated on all models.
    • Smooth Torque Technology
      Eliminates cap over tightening, reduces variation in removal torque, and provides less shock wear on the system.
    • Unique Dowel Pin Design
      Warner Electric units utilize a four dowel pin design, reducing wear significantly when compared to the keyed design of competitive units.
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