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5G Series Extreme Thin Brake

The new AO LI XI ® 5G series extremely thin electromagnetic brake, with a breakthrough 7mm thinness and the patented nested structure design leads a revolution in the thin, light & powerful brake technology.


  • Cobot
  • Surgical robot
  • Delivery robot
  • AMR
  • AGV
    • Thin - breakthrough 7mm thickness, more space for display.
    • Light - only 1/2 the weight of conventional products, precision is more professional.
    • Strong - Patented nested structure, three-dimensional frame to ensure strength.
    • Easy installation - the bushing (splined hub) goes completely through the brake.
    • Large hole - suitable for large shaft diameter and hollow shaft motors.
    • Low dust - suitable for a variety of precision applications.
    • Low Noise - Wide range of application scenarios.
    • High allowable speed, low wear rate.
    • Specifically designed for dual voltage control - wide pull-in voltage, precise hold voltage.
    • Low self-heating, the maximum working environment temperature can reach 100 ℃.
    • Suitable for static holding applications, with dynamic emergency stop (emergency braking capability).
    • Rated continuous duty (S1).
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