Oil & Gas Market

Knuckle Boom Cranes


Service brakes type TDXB

TDXB brakes complete our range of electrohydraulic thrustor disc brakes. Those brakes are designed for heavy duty operations : for all steel works, material handling, mining or nuclear applications. Those brakes are sized for restrictive spaces and can be fitted with various spring/thrustors combinations.

    • Fail safe braking
    • Braking by spring application
    • Thrustor release
    • Manual centering
    • Lining wear automatic compensation
    • Linings with wear indicators
    • Pin bushings on main pivot points
    • Option :
      • Opening proving switch
      • Thrustor stroke control switch
      • Lining full wear control switch
      • SIDHT : High Temperature Steel works
      • HT : High Temperature Thrustor
      • Manual release lever
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