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Warner Electric Bell Housing Clutch

The Warner electrically-operated PTO Bell housing clutches provide safer and easier remote operation for industrial applications. Bell housing PTO clutches are utilized in a wide range of industrial markets, including agriculture, marine, oil & gas, forestry, mining, construction, and rail. The clutches are needed to engage and disengage diesel- or gas-powered engines from driven equipment, including pumps, augers, blowers, compressors, transfer cases, and winches.

Based on a growing industry need for a more advanced clutching solution, Warner Electric engineers have recently developed a line of IoT-capable electric PTO clutches that can be conveniently operated from a remote control panel, tablet or cell phone**. The electrically-powered clutches require no hydraulic pumps, cylinders and hoses and no air compressors to operate. This is a significant factor in isolated locations.


    Remote Operation

    • Easier and safer to operate than lever actuated clutches
    • 12V, 24V, and 90V coils stocked – custom winds available
    • Does not require air or hydraulics to operate
    • Clean install – two lead wires connected to single plug
    • Internet-of-things (IoT) capable

    Retrofit Existing Manual Clutches

    • Sizes available for most SAE bell housing and flywheels.
    • Hubs designed to fit common tapered shafts.
    • Custom hubs available to fit most applications.
    • Utilizes existing drive ring, bell housing, and shaft
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