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SOBO® iQ Soft Braking Controls

2 Stage Braking SOBO IQ

The state-of-the-art SOBO® iQ, the next generation of Svendborg’s industry-leading SOBO® (Soft Braking Option) braking controller, combines various cutting-edge technologies to provide significant flexibility, safety and durability on heavy-duty applications.

The SOBO iQ features three-state digital modulation, an industry first in a braking system, and a revolutionary dual-loop PI control (pressure/speed). The pressure control is based not only on speed but also on deceleration. SOBO iQ controls braking torque by comparing a preset speed ramp with actual conveyor speed feedback. The unit can provide different braking profiles for different operational scenarios. Advanced functions including independent overspeed monitoring, rollback, gear monitoring and out-of-band monitoring are included.

The SOBO iQ provides only the torque needed for a safe, controlled stop. The new controller can be used with a combination of brake types, mounted on both the high and low speed sides of the conveyor drive. Up to 4 HPUs can be connected to each controller. The new iQ is four times faster than previous generations and features safety hardware based on 2-stage backup, and a defined communication failure behavior. Remote access is possible and an optional touch screen is available for setup and monitoring.

    • Industrial-grade embedded PC
    • Built-in MODBUS TCP/IP interface
    • Custom optimized IP67 communications module
    • EtherCAT-based internal network
    • Full BUS monitoring
    • Optional cable redundancy
    • Fast hydraulic operation
    • Optional manual operation
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