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Model VMS DP Brake Caliper


Similar to the Twiflex VMS2 disc brake, the VMS-DP comprises 2 spring modules; this time mounted in a common housing to form the 'active' side of a floating brake caliper. This arrangement allows the assembly to accommodate ±10mm of axial disc movement.

Minimum disc diameter is 4500mm with no maximum except for practical limitations. Disc thickness for the standard caliper range from 117mm to 130mm with the mounting bracket being machined accordingly.

The VMS-DP is primarily intended to function as a holding brake, but may be used for a dynamic duty where spring life is not a consideration (for example, occasional emergency stopping).

Effective disc radius = actual radius (m) - 0.155m.

    • 730 kN Braking Force
    • Compact,modular design no need for guarding
    • No pivot pins or long arms
    • "park-off" facility for fast pad changing without special tools
    • 3378cm2 pad area per caliper
    • Controlled release and inching possible
    • Robust,mine-ready design
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