Mining and Conveyors

Inclined Conveyors


Series WKA


For pitch drives, the mechanical switching contacts and high precision absolute encoders designed for single or multi turn operations are integrated in a housing. Besides the safeguarded cutoff in the final positions, the absolute position of the rotors in the wind are fedback to the control systems by 1:1 encoders. Pretensioned drive gears, also in conjunction with wheel adjustments, help to ensure rotary movements free from backlash from the slewing ball ring to the rotary encoder's input shaft. Also at the pitch switch, customised plug-in solutions can on request ensure time saving, simple installations free of potential confusion.

    • Serviceable, cost optimised design and reliable mounting
    • Preconfigured plug-in connections (plug & run)
    • On request, pre-adjusted cutoff points in conjunction with drive gears
    • Switching points with repeat accuracy
    • Max precision with ultra easy and reliable adjustability
    • Easy integration of directly driven encoders free of backlash
    • Pretensioned drive gears for driving absolute encoders free from backlash
    • Specially developed gear ratios tuned to every slewing ball ring ensure high precision and max efficiency for rotor blade adjustments
    • High degree of protection for the housing up to IP66
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