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SH brakes are powerful hydraulic brakes with a symmetrical design. They are specially designed to operate in severe conditions. Robust build and simplicity of operation earn high customer approval for quality and safety.

The SHS disc brakes are SH brakes mounted on a support which can be designed for tailor-made solutions (banana support).

The SHC disc brake integrates the hydraulic power pack and the mounting bracket into one complete package. Brakes of SH/SHS/SHC range can be fitted with several options to meet customer application.

    • Emergency brake
    • Safety braking
    • Braking by spring application
    • Hydraulic release
    • Linings with wear indicators
    • Opening proving switches
    • Holding tool for maintenance operation

    Braking Force (dynamic) up to :

    SH1 11 kN
    SH5 70 kN 
    SH9A 105 kN 
    SH15  150 kN
    SH18B  180 kN 
    SH25  250 kN
    SH32 334 kN


    • Opening proving switch (SH1)
    • Lining wear proving switch
    • Automatic lining wear compensation (SH5)
    • Progressive braking system
    • Marine protection
    • Offshore protection (SH1-SH5-SH25-SH32)
    • ATEX
    • Caliper on support (SHS) with integral HPP (SHC)
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