Amerigear® Gear Couplings Metal Labyrinth Seal


Amerigear Gear Couplings Metal Labyrinth seal are no longer available for sale. We recommend selecting our Kop-Flex FAST'S gear coupling.

The all-metal end ring, used exclusively in FAST'S® couplings, eliminates the need for any type of perishable lube seal. The end ring not only provides an escape route for lubricant, but it also pilots the sleeve during start-up and shut-down operations. It further eliminates partial tooth disengagement with resulting tooth overloads by providing sleeve teeth. The sleeve teeth are flush against the inside wall of the end ring.

It is the only coupling designed to use oil lubrication. To be sure that your couplings provide Maximum Life, always specify FAST'S couplings, with the all-metal end ring.

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Metal Labyrinth Seal

The FAST'S© Coupling was the standard in the metals industry for decades. Ameridrives now offers the labyrinth/metal ring seal option for your coupling needs. This coupling is a part for part "Drop-In" replacement for the FAST'S© coupling.

Labyrinth Seal Gear Couplings

Ameridrives Couplings has introduced a new product, a component part-for-part "drop-in" replacement for FAST'S® coupling.

"Drop-In" Replacement for FAST Coupling
FAST Amerigear FAST Amerigear
1-1/2 1-1/2 4-1/2 4-1/2
2-1/2 2-1/2 5-1/2 5-1/2
3 3 6 6
3-1/2 3-1/2 7 7
4 4    

    • Over 10" diameter bore capacity 
    • Torque capacity of over 1,000,000 in-lbs 
    • High axial capacity 
    • Standard design allows for installation flexibility
    • AGMA standard design for interchangeability 
    • Large stock of rough bore inventory available
    • Both O-ring and metal seal models are available 
    • Strong, rigid floating sleeve
    • Precision-machined identical hubs
    • Positive dust-tight seals 

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