Overrunning Clutches & Backstops

FS-02, 04, 05 Series

FS 02, 04, 05 Sleeve Bearing Supported Clutch

These small clutches are ideal for use in all types of small machines and precision instruments and may be used for overrunning, indexing and backstopping applications . They are sleeve bearing clutches .

FS 02 through 05 clutches are shipped from the factory lubricated for life with Fiske Brothers Lubriplate Low-Temp grease .

Model FS-02, FS-04

Models FS-02 and FS-04 are secured to the Shaft by a roll pin provided with the clutch . Both the hub and the O.D. of the outer race are ground to close limits and may be used to mount attaching parts .

Model FS-05

Model FS-05 is driven from the shaft by (6) a .125” key. Parts should be mounted on the ground O.D. of the clutch. Snap rings 30 and Woodruff key are provided.

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