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Bauer Gear Motor Torque Control 40

Best of Industry Award

As digitisation advances and with Industry 4.0 on the rise, passive actuators are becoming active components by relaying data that can be used in the machine or system for diagnostics or further processing. Developed under the slogan "Geared Motor Goes Online", TorqueControl4.0 has been combined with a mains-powered geared motor to create an Industry 4.0 component with a range of useful additional functions. Connecting TorqueControl4.0 via IO link enables the geared motor to be integrated into the machine control interface without the need for additional components.

Torque Control 40 Chart

What are your benefits?

  • Time saved during commissioning
  • Motor as a data mining device
  • No additional mechanical overload clutches
  • Flexible usage and no maintenance
  • Quick restart following overload
  • Ability to access load cycle
  • Ability to save on infrastructure components, e.g. soft start
  • Increase in efficiency under partial load
  • No additional interface required
  • Rapid, secure access to geared motor data

Technical Specifications

  • IP65 enclosure
  • Power range: up to 2,2 kW
  • Voltage range: 400 – 460 V +/- 10 %
  • Working temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • 1 input and 1 output - 24V
  • Connections:
    - 1x power connection via LQ Mechatronik-Systeme - W-TEC15
    - Customer-specific connections optional
    - 1 x M12 IO link, A-coded
    - Optional 1x M12, A-coded, for additional input/output

    • Direct integration of motors into PLC via IO link
    • Quick configuration via Bluetooth
    • Use of motor as an Industry 4.0 component
    • Rapid torque measurement
    • Rapid torque activation in the event of an overload
    • Status and process monitoring
    • Soft start and soft stop
    • Adaptive load control
    • Wear-free switching in the event of frequent switching cycles
    • Electronic nameplate
    Bauer Gear Motor GmbH
    Eberhard-Bauer-Str. 37
    73734 Esslingen - Germany
    Phone:+49 (711) 3518-0
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