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The EtaK2.0 features maximum user friendliness in operation and installation. Especially for decentralised drive solutions, it demonstrates its high efficiency in terms of space, time and energy.

The EtaK2.0 meets all demands on modern, universally deployable and cost-effective motor/VFD combinations. That makes it the ideal choice for all forms of decentral tasks.

Efficient and ideal for decentral systems

EtaK2.0 geared motors help you cut costs in several areas: in planning and installation, in operation and in maintenance. They help you control the efficiency of your installations, protect your
mechanical components and reduce mains loading. In this way EtaK2.0 geared motors make a significant contribution to energy savings and efficiency optimisation in your application.

All EtaK2.0 geared motors are a combination of helical, shaft-mounted, bevel and worm geared motors and a variable frequency drive (VFD). They give you compact drive solutions with continuously
variable speed and rated motor power up to 7.5 kW, with the VFD mounted directly on the motor. Thanks to their compact design, the entire drive needs only slightly more installation space than a conventional geared motor.

EtaK2.0 geared motors are smart power components for future-oriented system designs and can easily be adapted to specific working conditions and required process speeds. They are preferably controlled using a field bus system, but they also support control through digital and analogue inputs and outputs. The VFD provides valuable additional information for system protection and monitoring.

Product range:
Power rating 0,37 - 7,5 kW
Combines with:
BG Helical gears
BF Shaft mount gears
BK Bevel gears
BS Worm gears
BM Monorail gears
      • PMSM enabled
      • Integrated safety technology and field bus communication according to specific needs
      • Modular structure minimises spare parts stock
      • Energy savings of up to 30% possible under partial load conditions
      • Suited to extremely harsh environments thanks to IP65 enclosure rating
      • 200% overload current (3 s)
      • Sensorless vector control
      • CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and AS-Interface
      • STO safety function
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