Overrunning Clutches & Backstops

FRB Series Backstopping Clutches


Excellent for use as backstops by mounting the clutch’s inner race on the rotating shaft and attaching or anchoring the clutch’s outer race with a torque arm to a stationary member of the equipment. The Model FRB can also be used in applications that require low driving speeds and high inner race overrunning speeds.

    • Centrifugal Throughout Sprags
    • No wear, Less drag
    • Horizontal or vertical mounting
    • Design can reduce operating cost with a 3 year maintenance interval

    7 Models

    • Torque Range: up to 11,000 lb. ft. (16000 Nm)
    • Bore Range: up to 4.437 in. (112.70 mm)
    • Speed Range: must be above the lift off speed
    • Temperature Range: -40 to +150º F
    Formsprag Clutch
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