Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

E220 VAR 05 Clutches

Warner E220 Bearing Mounted Clutch

The E220 Series VAR 05 is bearing mounted clutch with flexible coupling.

    • Electrically operated 24 or 103,5 VDC depending size
    • Single friction face
    • Activated by power on
    • Coupling of two shafts in line
    • From size 3200, we recommend to engage the clutch at a lower speed (about 300 min-1)
    • For dry use
    • No residual torque in disengaged position
    • Fixed inductor mounted on ball bearings
    • Equipped with an elastic coupling
    • Does not require wear compensation
    Mounting Precautions
    • The anti-rotation device of the electromagnet shall be inserted in anti rotation slot, with a side play of 0,5 mm and a 1 mm play to the bottom. This avoids a normal stress on the ball-bearings.
    • We strongly recommend to mount a damping elastic slot in the anti-rotation device in case of vibrations
    • Device intended for horizontal use, for vertical use please consult the factory
    Power Supply
    • For sizes until 1600:
      CBC 400–24 - CBC 450–24
      CBC 500–24 - CBC 550–24
      CBC 140–5 + CBC 140–T
    • For size 3200 and up:
      CBC 140–5
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