Overrunning Clutches & Backstops


Marland Clutch Holdbacks

Type BC MA is a roller type backstop, bearing supported and self-contained. Standard lubrication is oil.

This type is designed to be mounted on the drive pulley shaft of large inclined conveyers. It is capable of working in the harsh environment of mine sites. The unit is symmetrical and can be mounted for desired free shaft rotation. The torque arm is a single “I“ beam section which is attached to the backstop with two precision ground torque arm pins. This greatly simplifies field installation. The arm may be placed up, down, or at any angle, and provides uniform loading on both cover plates. The preferred position is horizontal to reduce bearing loading for longer bearing life. The shaft fit should be f6 or f7. The clutch elements and ball bearings are continuously self-lubricated in a sealed oil chamber.

The seal package consists of:

  • Double-lip oil seals outside the bearings to keep oil in and dirt out.
  • Relubricable grease pocket and all metal graphited labyrinth grease seal.
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