Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

WR218 VAR 00 Static Holding Brake

WR218 VAR00 Static Holding Brake

Spring Applied Electrical Released Brakes

Units are highly reliable, spring applied devices designed as statically engaged/disengaged holding brakes. These brakes provide low cycle rates stopping action in emergency situations. Compact WR218 VAR00 brakes are specifically designed for static engagement.

Warner Electric approaches every application from the standpoint of finding the absolute best functional solution. Built-in robust design allows WR218 VAR00 brakes to fit many applications.

    • The WR218 VAR00 brakes can be used for static applications with E-Stop requirements
    • Slim line brake
    • Sealed design
    • Maximum hub bore 11 mm
    • 2 Nm to 5 Nm torque
    • 78,5 mm diameter
    Typical Applications
    • Scooters/Wheelchairs
    • Patient hoists
    • Handheld power tools
    • Conveyors
    • Machine tools
    • Robotics
    • Floor sweepers/cleaners
    • Automatic doors
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