Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Series 5H and 55H-P

Series 5H and 5HH-P Tooth Clutches

Stationary Cylinder for Dry Operation or in Oil

Series 5H pressure-applied stationary cylinder tooth clutches can be used dry or in oil. Pressure supply feeds into cylinder via a flexible tube. Piston and cylinder sub-assembly mounts on shielded ball bearings. Positive disengagement achieved by use of release springs separating two toothed components. Drive flange is supported on hub by a shielded ball bearing.

Series 55H-P clutches developed from the Series 5H, incorporate a pilot mount. Pilot mount is supported on an extended hub by a rigid shielded double bearing assembly. Pulleys, sprockets and other drive components can fit directly to pilot mount, which has a toleranced spigot diameter for location and tapped fixing holes.

    • Tooth clutch gives positive drive with no slip
    • Shielded bearings need no lubrication in service
    • Stationary cylinder allows simple supply connection
    • Spring disengagement results in no drag torque other than the rolling resistance of the drive flange/hub bearing
    • Standard fixing holes provided in the drive flange
    • No axial thrusts transmitted to adjacent components
    Series 55H-P Advantages
    • All concentricities are controlled within the clutch simplifying installation
    • Pilot mount can be used to attach pulleys, sprockets and other drive components simplifying assembly
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