Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

ACCM Series Clutch

Warner ACCM Series Clutch
Heavy-duty operation

The ACCM accumulating conveyor clutch offers extraordinary performance and durability. Designed specifically for industrial equipment applications, ACCM clutches are suitable for indexing, rapid cycling and positive displacement clutching drives.


With the stop collar released and the input hub rotating in a specified direction, the lay of helical spring around the input and output hubs is such that the spring grips both hubs, connecting them in a positive-displacement drive.

If the stop collar is engaged, the spring tang connected to it is forced back, and the spring opens. This allows the input hub to continue rotating without transmitting torque to the output hub.

    • Low cost
    • Trouble-free design for long life
    • Complete package for immediate installation
    • High torque, 169,5 Nm at speeds to 400 RPM
    • 280 Nm available, consult factory.
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